Speaker: Yidun Wan
Title: 2-D Ising Model with non-local links - a study of nonlocality problem
Abstract: Markopoulou and Smolin have argued that the low energy limit of LQG may suffer from a conflict between locality, as defined by the connectivity of spin networks and an averaged notion of locality that emerges at low energy from a superposition of spin network states. This raises the issue of how much non-locality, relative to the coarse grained metric, can be tolerated in the spin network graphs that contribute to the ground state. To address this question we have been studying statistical mechanical systems on lattices decorated randomly with non-local links. These turn out to be related to a class of recently studied systems called small world networks. We show, in the case of the 2d ising model, that one effect of non-local links is to raise the Curie temperature. We report also on measurements of the correlation functions in this model.
Talk: Transparencies, Recorded Talk