Speaker: Dr. Leonardo Modesto
Title: Disappearance of the Black Hole Singularity in Quantum Gravity
Abstract: We apply techniques introduced in quantum cosmology to the Schwarzschild metric inside the horizon. The space-time inside the horizon is the Kantowski-Sachs space-time with space section of topology R x S^2. In particular, we use a mini-superspace quantization procedure suggested by Loop Quantum Gravity and based on an alternative to the Schroedinger representation. Using this quantization procedure, we show that the black hole singularity disappears and spacetime can be dynamically extended beyond the classical singularity. At this point we introduce the matter and we study the gravitational collapse of a star. We study the dynamic of the space time in the interior of the Schwarzschild radius. In particular in our simple model we obtain the evolution of the matter inside the star and of the gravity outside the region where the matter is present. When we impose the boundary condition between the two region we identify an unique time coordinate inside and outside the star.
Talk: Transparencies, Recorded Talk